GitHub Student Pack Status Check

Is there anyway I can check the status of my application?
Im not sure I actually submitted my application correctly.

Hi @InternetRamen, I am unable to check the status of your application itself, but I did confirm that we have received your help ticket and the education team will get back to you by email as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your help!

I have applied for github student developers pack a month ago they said you will be notified by december 22 2020 by still i didnt recived any email from github please check my application status

Sorry you didn’t get an email but it looks like you’ve been approved.

You can access your GitHub Education benefits here:

Some of our partner offers are single-use and non-renewable. Most timed offers begin when redeemed, not when granted.

If you have questions or issues with an offer, please contact the partner directly by clicking the help available at link on the offer tile:

Hey my application is for githib student pack has already approved but how to collect my student pack accessories like bag and other tools etc

Hi there,

All the partner offers can be accessed here:

Just make sure you’re logged in!

I am logged in it shows all the partner web feautures but i am asking about accessories like bag pen sticker etc

Hello, I’ve applied for the github student pack more than a week ago, and i still didn’t receive any response, should i re apply? or can i check my status somewhere? i couldn’t find it in the signup page.
Thank you in advance!

It looks like you’ve been approved. You can see your benefits here:

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