Github Student pack not eligible?

Hello, my name is Mathéo Zeller and I’m french student developer with OpenClassRoom school. Actually I’m running the PHP/symfony course.

Yesterday, I’ve tried to get the student pack but Github turned down my request. I want to know why because my school is recognized by github and I’ve upload a document that proves my schooling.

What I need to do to upgrade my ask ?
Why github deny ?

Thanks for help

From my experience, its quite hard to get the github developer pack outside the
US or NA without a school email. If you have a .edu,, etc. Github verifies those
requests instantly. If not, its most likely handled by the faculty at your school.

Ok, so what I need to do ? Contact github by email or contact my school to tell them to ask GitHub Student pack ?

If you have a .edu email address, link it to your github account and try the registerting for the education pack again. If you don’t have an .edu email, contact your school, or atleast a lecturer you know. These are programs are usually lead by someone or the whole faculty.

Hi @ZellR,

If you have questions regarding a denied Student Developer Pack application, or other application issues that our FAQ does not address, please reach out to our Education team for assistance via our contact form.

Our Education team will be able to take a look at your application and provide any guidance on appeals, reapplying, or renewals. We’re unable to review any applications here.


Also try and ask some of your classmates if they have access to the education pack.

My mentor says yes, but isn’t able to help me any more.

Well, there are two possibilities:

  • Your mentor received access to the Github Education Pack from their previous institution .edu email


  • They have a special mentor email that allows them to access the pack. (The Pack is also available for teachers)

Contacting github to review your application is mandatory, but if you really want to take action, you can gather your classmates together to request access to the pack

I’ll do something , yes. I’ve already contact support after wordsoup answer. Actually I’m waiting for the response

thanks for help