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i have applied for github student development pack on 6 july 2020 and it is still showing me is important for me to get verified quickly but it seems that github is not willing to help me .i also wrote a mail for it but they did not reply me.its a long time and still account is pending please help and support github.i did not have school mail so i gave addisional imfo such as id proof .github please help me soon.please,pls,pls

Hi @supermanas,

I’m sorry that you haven’t gotten a response yet. I’ll look into that for you. Before I do that though, I’d like to confirm some information. You said that you applied on 6 July 2020. Since that is a future date, did you mean 6 June 2020 or did you apply last year without a response?


I am sorry it is 6 june only

I an sorry it is 6 june 2020

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Thanks for confirming that. I took a look and we received your message. The Education team is reviewing it and should get back to you soon. I have let them know that you are inquiring about your request.

Please help me and ask them to review so i need it to approved it urgent and as soon as possible please hell sir

The education team will get back to you as quickly as they can. I appreciate your patience on this matter.

I have only todays time i need it by tomorrow please help me sir please

Hi how are you i need help read my other pist