Github Student Development Pack not received

I have applied for student developer pack. It shows that my request has been approved on ‘get benefits’ section. However, I didn’t receive any email about the same. What should I do?

Your profile show a PRO logo means you are on subscription. Check if you have paid for it or not.

Also make sure to check your junk folder may be your email provider marked it as junk. if you see approved icon. Its nothing to wory. You will get all the benefits.

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Hi @Rizwan-S
I am facing the same issue, my account is showing that it has been activated to PRO, but I have not received the email confirmation regarding the same.
Please tell me what have you done further, and if this issue was eventually sorted.
Thank You!

Hi @ManasviTrivedi
I’m able to access all the benefits. To access the benefits, sign in to the website using the github email id. If github shows a pro badge, it means that you can gain access to the benefits.
PS: I still didn’t receive the email.
Hope that helps!