Github Student Developer Pack "Rejected" HELP

Hello there, :blush:

I’m at a German Highschool and wanted to apply for the Github student Developer pack. I got rejected and the things that I supposedly did wrong I think I did as wanted.

I uploaded a school document with date and name and logo of the school.

( since my school don’t have anything like / or similar to a student ID )

I would really like to know what I need todo to be accepted, because it tool like 1,5 month for it to say that I got rejected I want to know what I need to do before waiting another month.

Thanks in advance, Jakob

:wave: Welcome!

We don’t have any direct insight here into education applications I’m afraid. If you are required to upload a document, it should be one that proves that you are currently enrolled in this academic year. Transcripts, even incomplete, will often work.