GitHub Student Developer Pack pending for 5+ days

I’ve submitted my request ( applied) for the GitHub student developer pack 6 days ago but my application or request is still pending.
I didn’t use a school issued email ( as my school doesn’t provide them) but I uploaded a valid document with my schools name and my name and also the issued date on it. Also, I’ve submitted the optional data for my schools location.
Yet, it has been 6 days since I’ve submitted the form ( on June 27) and now its July 3. I know that the GitHub team must be busy and pressured due to COVID-19 but I researched on the pending time and found that the pending time ( for some ) can take up to 3 months and my school is to resume in September and I’m trying to learn how to code with python and C# as much as I could before that happens. I hope you consider looking at my request.

Thanks in advance !

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately if your application couldn’t be automatically approved using an accepted academic email address, you will have to wait while it is manually reviewed by one of our education specialists.

You can still get started learning though! Then you’ll be really ready when you’re approved.

Do you ( by any chance) have any idea of the estimate time that I have to wait until a specialist manually reviews my request.
Thank you.

Thanks for your patience! Our education team will reach out once your request review has been completed; please keep an eye out for that contact.