Github Student Developer Pack application no response even after a month

I applied for the pack back in 22 November. I used my school email address. I provided my ID on first application and then I provided a document of my current registered courses and the duration of the term was present on it. I got an email back asking me to wait until 22th of December. Now it’s 24th and there is no response from github. I understand that the process for 2nd application is manual but it is already over a month long of waiting with no response whatsoever. A timeline for when there will really be a decision on my application would be nice. Thanks.

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Sorry you didn’t get an email but it looks like you’ve been approved.

You can access your GitHub Education benefits here:

Some of our partner offers are single-use and non-renewable. Most timed offers begin when redeemed, not when granted.

If you have questions or issues with an offer, please contact the partner directly by clicking the help available at link on the offer tile:

A Month before when i applied for the SDP,I received a mail stating that the application would be reviewed by March 27 2021.Thenceforth i had been waiting for it ,but i have not been intimated about any updates on the same till now.Today being March 27 should i be taking any further steps or is it still in queue?

Hi i also have the same issue I also didn’t receive any response from github till now for my student dev pack pls look into this sir

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