GitHub student developer pack account verification problem

I have applied for GitHub student developer pack as a student on Aug 15. i got an email from GitHub (screenshot attached)

saying that " we are confirming your account, please wait till Sep 14."
so i waited , then on Sep 14 i got another but same mail (screenshot attached) from GitHub this time saying " we are confirming your account, please wait till Oct 19. ".
as a student i can not understand why GitHub is doing so, i have many projects and other works in which GitHub student developer pack is very useful to me. please clarify me whats going on.

:wave: Welcome!

I asked our Education team what was going on, and it seems like it’s just that the busy season has them backed up a bit, and approval is now taking up to 6 weeks. The 2nd email was simply to advise you that your application is still in the queue, but that it will unfortunately take a bit more time than usual.

Sorry we can’t be of more help!