Github status checks 'waiting' on Azure Pipelines

In we use Azure pipelines as our main build pipeline.

Since sometime yesterday we are seeing Status checks not completing - instead waiting for results to be reported. This has affected various different checks in pipelines, but our recently added CodeQL check, which uses github actions, is just fine.

There seems to be something very flaky in the communications between github and azure pipelines?

Hi @planetf1 :wave:

Do you get an error when these checks fail?
Can you list steps taken to create the pipeline? This information may help the community further troubleshoot the issue.

This is not a GitHub supported product, and I may suggest starting here in the Azure docs:

Indeed not github supported ,but it was difficult to know where the issue was as the problem was with the status reporting back to github.

In any case we decided it was a good time to try github actions instead, at least for PRs, so out of every challenge comes opportunity :slight_smile:

We now have our maven/gradle PR checks (+codeQL) running as actions. Nice…

Subsequently I understand it was an azure outage with pipelines that spanned across some of Thursday-Saturday