GitHub Sponsors Suggestions

Good day GitHub.

I know GitHub is doing everything to include all countries in GitHub Sponsors program. As of today, Philippines is not yet included in the list.

Here in the Philippines, there are banks that are already connected to PayPal and there is the separate Western Union to transfer money smoothly there in USA. Maybe, you can utilize them.

Hoping that Philippines will be included as soon as possible.

I love to answer questions, to give open-source projects and to teach others who have difficulty understanding coding. I just need financial support to do so.

Just another suggestion is that, please include this GitHub Support Community as part of the job of a GitHub sponsored developer so that other members of this community will be paid for answering questions.

Again, I really believe in GitHub. We just need a little bit of financial support to continue doing open source.

Hoping that these suggestions will be considered and implemented. Thanks!