GitHub Sponsors: pending for approval

I applied for a GitHub sponsor two weeks ago on July 20, 2020, but the waitlist page still says, “Within two weeks, you’ll get an email with instructions on setting up your GitHub Sponsors profile.”

The bank account country is the United States.

Someone else asked a similar question but I’d just like to ask again. Does the original GitHub take longer than expected?

Thank you for providing the sponsorship program.

If you haven’t received an update to your application, we’d recommend reaching out to private support through our contact form, as we’re unable to take a look at your Sponsors application here.

With this in mind, application times can also vary depending on the current queue.

I contacted github support last week, but there is no answer.
Is there any other way to know why my application is not being processed?

Now a month has passed, but there is no response.