Github sponsors and taxes

I’m being sponsored via Github sponsors. I am not sure how I should view this income with regards to the Dutch tax service (I live in The Netherlands).

Should this money be considered a gift from my sponsors and should I be paying taxes over “gifts”?
Compare to Frequently Asked Questions on Gift Taxes | Internal Revenue Service. And if so, is Github the legal entity giving me the money, or the individual sponsors?

Or should I view this as taxable income for my company as a professional software developer?

I’m happy to pay whatever the tax authorities want, but it’s a bit confusing for me.

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We have some documentation about GitHub Sponsors and taxation.

The short version is that we don’t withhold tax, and as such, it is the responsibility of anyone receiving sponsorships to evaluate their own tax burden and submit their taxes accordingly. It might mean you have to access tax advice locally.

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