GitHub Sponsore Payout

I recently looked into my GitHub Sponsors Dashboard in order to see, whether I have accrued enough balance to be over the $200 threshold for my first payout. And sure enough, the dashboard said “Next Payout Aug 22”. However, Instead, it now says, that the next payout (with the same amount as before) will be on Aug 22. Why my payout is late?

In my GitHub Sponsors profile, all seems fine. I have connected to a Stripe account and GitHub staff already approved my Sponsors profile.

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These two dates seem identical, where is the delay?

Sorry there is been typing error. I mean to say my payout is going to release on 22Aug still I didn’t received yet.

From my experience with various online services, these dates usually indicate the minimum deadline, but then you need to keep into account working days, holidays, and whatever extra time processing might require (tax, etc.) and any intermediate services. But usually it shouldn’t be more than a week overdue.

How much time it should take?because today is sunday so should I wait for Monday?

Definitely, no money transfers during weekends (not working/banking days in most countries).

Ohk, thanks for the reply and help:)