Github Sponsor Money Freezzed

I sponsored an organisation really important for my community and last week they told me that they was having some issues with GitHub Sponsors and they will not receive the money of this month. Apart from that Github doesn’t answer any email sent from sponsors or sponsored developers either. Please we need some answer about what is happening

:wave: Welcome!

If a sponsors account is under review, it won’t be discussed with anyone other than the owner of that account. Please ask them to open a ticket, and to understand that sometimes these reviews can take some time.

We will not be able to discuss any details of anyone’s accounts here in the forums.

Hi, thank you for your answer but developers have already generated a ticket and nobody answered them and GitHub archived the ticket. So, we have a really big problem here because we don’t know what is happening with our money and developers really need it. We are losing our trust in GitHub right now and we don’t want to think that you guys will take our money but it is really shady at this moment and probably next time we will think many times before use Github Sponsors.

I can understand your concern. Please be assured that any money that is not received by the intended beneficiary will be refunded to their sponsors when the account review is complete.

I am closing this thread because we are unable to assist here in any way. If you have further concerns about your money or your account you can open a ticket. Please note that opening multiple tickets will delay a response.