GitHub Sponsor Embed

Hi !

Recently I applied to Github Sponsors and I got accepted.
I got access to the little sponsor button under my profile and I’ve seen that we can embed this button (and another card widget) as an iframe

So I tried to embed this little buton into my website.
But there is a small problem:

It seems that the iframe don’t have any parameter to change the theming of the widget and the default iframe button is pulling the dark theme of Github (if you use the Dark theme) even if you using your iframe into a white webpage.

Some picture to demonstrate the issue:

This is a small snippet of the default code of the iframe embedded on my website, and we can see that the data-color-mode property is auto which is a bad thing depending of the theming of your website.

<html lang="en" data-color-mode="auto" data-light-theme="light" data-dark-theme="dark">

Hey Enzo,

I’m afraid you’ve run into a known bug here - Our Sponsors engineers are aware of the problem and it’s in their backlog to investigate further.

I can’t offer an ETA for when the underlying issue will be resolved, but I’ll update you as and when I hear more.

Thanks for taking the time to share the details!