github-slideshow second slide not showing. Possible Jekyll build error??

I received an email stating that i completed the course.  I can’t seem to view the second slide that i created though. 

I checked my github setting and see the following error. I read the info in the link provided but i can’t seem to find where the issue is. I’m not familiar with Jekyll.

@csun-orm I’m taking a look a this and I have a question for you - what method did you use to complete the course? Did you make the file changes in the UI? Or did you make the changes locally in a text editor or IDE?


Under additional options do you mean what preferred tool did I use?? If so, I picked  the command line. I’m using powershell for the required git commands. I also used VS code to make the required text changes and file manipulations. 

@csun-orm thank you for the additional information. It looks like the markdown file you created is encoded as UTF-16 which is being treated as a binary by Git. To fix it, you’d need to change the encoding to UTF-8. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Just changed the file to UTF-8, pushed to github and now I can see the second slide. 

Thanks for the tip!