GitHub Slideshow Not Working


I just started the Introduction to GitHub course and I cannot use the right arrow on the slideshow on my GitHub page. I have tried using another browser but that does not help either. There is no right arrow on the screen and pressing the button on my keyboard does nothing either.
Any ideas why this could be happening?


Hi @sverma1012 :wave:

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Are you referring to the GitHub Learning Lab course?

If so, at what point in the course does this slideshow appear?
Have you tried to adjust the zoom of your browser with cmd + 0 or ctrl + 0 ?

Hello @ernest-phillips, I am having the same problem. I am in step 3 of the GitHub training–Close an Issue. It says open the slideshow, which in turn saws “Use the right arrow to begin!” I use my right arrow to no effect. Please advise on how to advance the page. I have tried clicking the left mouse button and even an incognito tab (signed in with no extensions) and it still won’t work.

Please advise, Charles.

Thank you @cegruenberg and @sverma1012

We are investigating the behavior of this learning lab course. We will post an update when more information is available.

I am having the same issue.

The right button started working for me after I completed the entire course. I think it took some time to show up.


As of February 15,2021, this issue does not appear to be fixed. Have tried multiple computers, browsers, keys, and no luck.


In order to get the slideshow to work, there needs to be a markdown file in the _posts folder. The trouble here is that there are no posts created, and you will need to add some. Once one or more posts (md files) are added to the _posts folder, the slideshow will reveal the arrow to move to the next slide on your Pages site.

I experienced the same even after completing the course. However, disabling then enabling my adblocker somehow solved this issue. Not sure why.