github site ssh access issue.

For some reason with this site todayI cannot get it to respond to ssh requests.

As I’ve done 10s of times in the past >3 years I’m setting up an ssh key on my github site. Should be nbd.

As I’ve always done, generate the ssh key on the local system, register the key (ssh-add) copy the information from the token’s .pub file and copy this into the github sites add ssh key system.

However, this this particular site on two different machines now, this results in a:

$ ssh -T
ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known

error, and yes xxxx is a valid github location. Can someone thing of any reason why this would be happening?

Hi @lltskarlkras,

Maybe you miss the dot git at the end?

$ ssh -T

This is the only thought that comes to mind.


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Yep did this… fails.

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What is the usage of -T? I didnt find anywhere.

Ok, I find it in the man page:

-T Disable pseudo-terminal allocation.

I think the problem has something to do with me trying to juggle two github accounts.

I was trying to separate my personal account from my work account so I created a new “alias” . I’m thinking there must be some colision of these two accounts since my original seems to be working fine. To fix I’m going remove my lltskarlkras account and go back to me original setup. Keep it simple.

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