Github site is giving a very degraded performance

GitHub is giving a very degraded performance for the last 3-4 days and the performance degrades every day after 7 PM IST, after 7 PM(IST) I can’t even edit my project’s readme file. I’m facing problems while working on my project. I checked this issue with 2 of my friends and they are also getting a degraded performance. I checked the GitHub Status Twitter handle and the last tweet was 2 days ago, which was about degraded API performance. Can someone please tell me when this issue is going to get fixed?

:wave: @EGOR-IND

I’m sorry to hear that.

We have some more information here about troubleshooting a slow connection, including some tests you can run and send the output to support.

Hey @canuckjacq, now the issue is resolved but thanks for the troubleshooting articles, maybe they’ll help me in future.

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