GitHub shows password as username after cloning repo

I have cloned my private repository to Visual Studio 2019. I got asked to login via browser, entered my credentials and the repository got cloned. Nothing suspicious.
I opened a file and after short time the git messages from the git plugin showed my password as the username!
So I opened the repository with VS code and the same behavior occurs.

How can I force GitHub or Visual Studio or VS code or whoever is responsible for this case to not show my password?

It’s hard to tell whether the problem is caused by VSCode, the Git plugin or your credentials manager. You’ll have to try and isolate the source of the problem by trial and attempts (e.g. reading logs, etc.)

I’m not sure I follow you here, if the password is being send to the User form the login should fail; and if it’s being send to the correct password form, then it should be hidden via some dots (as its customary in browsers).