Github shows 1 fork, I must have messed up, how do I fix?


I joined and uploaded a bunch of my stuff yesterday, but one of my repo shows 1 fork even though it doesn’t have any:

I must have messed up somehow, but don’t know how to fix it!

Anyone can help?


Hi there! :wave: I don’t see that there are any forks that have been made from that repository?

The branch icon and fork icon look very similar, and your repository has 1 branch - could that be what you saw?

Oh, I see you deleted and recreated the repository, that’s why I can’t see a fork!

In that case, I think I know what happened. Sometimes some of our users are reported for spammy behavior, and if that happens their profile gets hidden from everyone. If they have forked a repository, that still gets counted however.

So if you saw that a fork had been made, but there was no username visible to say who forked it, they had probably been reported!

I hope that clears things up!

Ah, ok, thanks!
Yes, I fixed a bug at some point, so I just deleted the repository and recreated it while uploading the fix, killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

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