GitHub showing closed issues in open issues list

As said by the title, I was observing a closed issue in open issues list. It seems to be also on the GitHub API, since I also reproduce this on third party GitHub client (such as FastHub). I think it’s likely to be a bug. Since this repository has been renamed before, it could be the rename process that caused this bug.


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Hi @outloudvi,

Thanks for being here! It appears the issue is resolved now.

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Thanks. I can confirm on my side that it’s fixed.

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I’m still seeing this on the github issues/assigned page. Is there anything I have to do perhaps?

Apologies for the insistence, but I’ve been experiencing this for a while. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @unicolet thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sharing the repo where you see this?

@andreagriffiths11 unfortunately they’re in private repos, is there a way I could share them with you without posting publicly :thinking: ?

thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. Since it’s related to a private repo, the private support folks are the ones who would be able to offer help with this. If you haven’t already, please contact them at

thank you @andreagriffiths11! I will reach out there :slight_smile:

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