Github should communicate more about Mobile View

I couldn’t find any other mention of Github’s mobile view elsewhere than in
It would be great if we could get some updates on what’s happening there. Let me explain

If you have been using this feature for the past year, you would have noticed that Github is gradually replacing those pages with fully responsive ones, used with both PCs and Mobile.

For instance, the file viewer was updated to be the same as the desktop one some time last year. The “issue” pages were also updated last year, but not the “PR” pages. The issue and PR listing was apparently updated yesterday.

Those features are rolled out without a mention on any blog, and while I totally understand why it’s simpler to maintain a single shared code base, it would be great to stay informed. There are issues with this migration.

For instance, on mobile using the old templates (still available in the PR pages), you can see who upvoted you’re post. But it you use the NEW template in an issue page, then you can’t ! It also renders super weirdly on the newer templates… it’s barely usable



Yesterday’s update is also still looks experimental: there is a weird white line displayed at the top.

Could we get news about those changes? Maybe an option to stick to the old theme until the new one works properly ? (a “beta” feature of some sort) That would really be awesome.


Hey! I suggest following the specific folks making these changes on Twitter. I saw the new changes the rolled out since I follow a bunch of the engineers from GitHub on Twitter. My guess is that since these are incremental improvements in most cases, they are not bothering to do blog posts though I do think the devs are quite responsive on Twitter if you have bugs to report. 

That’s great advice.
If you happen to know who to follow that’d be great, but I’ll probably find them eventually.

Use the mobile app. Its so much better then the web version.