Github sends out multiple notification emails

Is it just me, or github sends out multiple (3) emails at the same time of the same content?
Got 3 emails of each:
“Depreciation Notice”, “A personal access token has been added to your account”, “A third-party OAuth application has been added to your account”, “A GitHub owned Application has been added to your account”

Notification about a new issue comment sends once.

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Security-related notifications are typically sent to any verified email addresses on the account at the time - other notifications are sent to your nominated email address. Can you check to see if your duplicates were all being sent to the same email address?

Yes, all 3 emails sent to the main adress of my accountant

That is odd! I can see you’ve already opened a ticket. Private support will be best able to troubleshoot this for you.

Well, I do have 4 different email addresses added to my github account and have set Backup email address setting to Allow all verified emails. However all 4 emails I received went to primary email address. All addresses including primary are aliases for my actual email address (I run my own email server and create unique aliases for each website).
I’ve concluded this by examining raw source of each messages on the server, which shows To: header with primary address and only hint that other email addresses were involved was Return-Path header, which contained part of other addresses.
Later I found that my email server strips all X- headers from messages and github add my aliases in X-Rcpt-To header, which doesn’t change the fact that all messages are sent to primary address only…a bug?

Ok, not a bug, emails are being sent to primary address and BCC to all others.

Facing the same problem right now. Is there any option to have even security-related notifications only sent to the primary email address? All these notifications feel quite noisy and it would be great to have an option to reduce that noise.