GitHub sends email notifications but not web (or mobile)?

I have double checked that I have both email and web (and mobile) notifications enabled on my settings page. I came across (this issue)[GitHub started clearing my web notifications] and the solution mentions that if the web client loads up the image, it gets marked as read; when I click on the bell icon on the web, it does show me the notifications listed however, there’s no bell notification marker otherwise that tells me that I have new notifications. I downloaded the mobile app to make sure that the behavior is not just with the web client. Turns out even the mobile app wasn’t sending android notifications. But again, manually opening the notifications panel would have them listed. The only notification I get is from the gmail android app (or when I’m on web, check gmail from time to time). Is it because the android gmail app is loading up the email (before sending me a notification)?

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Just to be clear, are you saying that your web notifications are being marked as read even if you never open the email on either the web or your phone?

If one of your email clients is pre-loading the 1x1 pixel tracking image before you even open your emails, then that would explain what’s happening, yes! I’d recommend checking all the mail clients you use, and set them to not load images from