Github search with workflow files?

How does one use Github search to filter by github/workflows files?

For example with Travis CI, if I wanted to learn about CI practices in Go projects I would perform something like:


I think you can use the similar methods to search workflow files. The main difference is that the workflow files normally are in the “.github/workflows” directory. More details about GitHub search, you can see “Getting started with searching on GitHub”.

In addition, the GitHub Actions board of GitHub Community is used for the discussions and questions about GitHub Actions. If you need help with anything related to workflow configuration, such as syntax, GitHub-hosted runners, or building actions, you can look for an existing topic or start a new one in this board.

About your question, I recommend that you can report it in the How to use Git and GitHub board.

Report it, as in Repost it in another forum?

My question is about utilizing and learning workflows. What a shame.

Here’s a search query that finds workflow files that contain the term “go”:

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