GitHub search shows limited results

Hi GitHub support,

I am experiencing a weird problem with my GitHub account. This account of mine shows very little results when I use GitHub Search. For example, when I searched:
require 'express'

I can only see 178k code results. While my other account or my colleague’s account would be able to see 46M code results. I have checked the setting and it looks pretty normal to me.

And I have checked the GitHub Search rate limit, which allows 30 searches per minute, which I am way under. Creating a new account is a bit inconvenient since I would lose records of my previous contributions in many issues.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Hey I am also able to see 46M results. Some things I would try:

  • Clearing cache
  • Signing out and then back in
  • Ensuring the account that sees limited results has things like 2FA enabled
  • Ensure there are no account differences between the two accounts (Pro vs Free account).

Let me know if these yield any results!

Hi Logan,

Thank you for the response!

  1. I have tried signing into my account on my friend’s computer, still, the limited search result and he also had no idea why.
  2. I have tried signing out and back in many times.
  3. Both my accounts do not have 2FA enabled (The one with 178k results and the one with 46M results).
  4. Both are Free accounts.

I also just tried clearing the cache, still the limited search result.

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Fascinating, my guess is that there’s a logical reason for this but it will likely be hard to track down since there’s no public info on behavior. Probably best to contact private support here:

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Yep, I cannot find anyone else having the same problem either. I have submitted a ticket to and am waiting for their response.

Thanks again for your help and hope you have a great Christmas!

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