GitHub Search API does not return subscribers_count


I’m trying to use the Github Search API to filter for certain repositories and return data like stargazers and watchers. This is a link to the documentation that I’m referring to. This is being done in a Node application, using the official libraries:

@octokit/auth-oauth-user”: “^1.3.0”,
@octokit/core”: “^3.5.1”,
@octokit/plugin-rest-endpoint-methods”: “^5.10.1”,

Expected Behavior:

I want to get the number of watchers for repositories that I filtered for. While the existence of fields like watchers, watchers_count and other duplicate fields are confusing as it is (and definitely warrant some explanation directly in the docs), my specific issue started with the fact that watchers_count and stargazers_count are the same value. Reading up from this issue reported earlier, the solution seems to be to get subscribers_count from the response.

Actual Behavior:

The field subscribers_count does not exist in the response. This means that we now have three fields that essentially list the number of stars - stargazers_count, watchers_count and watchers, but nothing to get the actual number of watchers from the response.

Reproducing the problem:

Multiple ways obviously exist, easiest is to check out the GET response below from the API for the deno repository. As of writing this report we have about 1.6K watchers and 77.8K stars. The typescript definitions also obviously do not exist (yet?) so that needs to be fixed too.

Thanks, and let me know if there is any plans to get the Search API working for this again.

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Can someone help out here?