GitHub says Authentication Failed

I have a new student account and Private Repository. Added files from my Mac and tried to clone to GitHib Desktop, using online instructions. I then inserted the correct username and p/w, and was told that Authentication Failed. I can’t find a solution online. How can I solve this?

Also, once cloned, I want to remove some of the files I added to keep a minimum of information on Git.

I’m in the middle of an important project and need to use the service right away. Thanks for any assistance.


It may be that you are using 2FA or a similar system.

If so, generate an SSH key and upload it to GitHub:

Try cloning it through the terminal using: git clone _______

Hope this helps! Good luck on your project! :slight_smile:



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Hi @robertappleton,

If you are having trouble loogin into GitHub account on GitHub Desktop, you may want to contact the GitHub Support team by using the contact form. They’ll be able to figure out what is going on and give you the best support.



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Having similar issue not being able to login from command line git to HTTPS repository. I do have 2FA enabled.

Is HTTPS auth supported to 2FA users?

Hi @andreyz,

You can use HTTPS with 2FA enabled if you use a Personal Access Token

Hope that helps!


Hi @that-pat,

When I use a Personal Access Token, I get a 403 error.

Do you know why that might be?

Thank you!

Hi @sammonsr,

A 403 error would indicate a permissions problem. This means that either you don’t have permission to access the resource that you’re trying to access or the personal access token doesn’t have the correct scope. For more information, I recommend checking out the help article creating a personal access token for the command line.

If you’re still having problems after that, you may want to reach out to GitHub support so that they can make sure that you have the right scope and permissions to do what you need to.


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Hi @that-pat 

Having issues today with github, I can login to but unable to use git CLI, GitKraken and Github Desktop with both password and web authentication. Contacted support but no reply yet. I did not enabled 2FA.

Also tried with another account, same story.

Hi @ernestp,

I have confirmed that we received your ticket and our support team will be getting in touch wwith you as soon as they can. In the meantime, have you considered using an SSH key to log in?


Hi @that-pat ,

Just tried, got error:

Hi @ernestp,

I’m speaking with Engineering currently. We will follow up with you via your private ticket.


Hi @ernestp,

It looks like you might have triggered wait limits. I recommend waiting a little while and trying again. If that doesn’t work, someone from our support team should be following up with you via your private ticket.


Hi @that-pat ,

Still having this issue. Only way I can work with repo is via VPN in another country.

Also no response in ticket.

What fixed it for me was updating my Windows git version from 2.15.x to 2.26.2 - I then tried pushing to GitHub, and this time when prompted for user & password it accepted as correct the values that were rejected when using 2.15.x.

How many times do I need to signup to github? Is this totally different from Github? If not why do I need to create another account. I created a github account the other day had the repo working, pushed code to it etc. when I tried to push code the other day it told me my authentication failed. So I logged in and reset the password and guess what? I could magically push to my github repo. Today I go to push to my repo again and guess what? Yeah you guessed it, authentication failed. So now I am debating if I should reset the password to the same thing I reset it to every time I reset it so I can push my & code, OR Should i just stop using Github and go with Gitlab and bitbucket Because both of those work without the hassle of Authentication failures. So WTF is going on and how do I fix it?

Thank you. Worked like a charm and saved me a lot of frustration :slight_smile:

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Hi, @that-pat,

I can download the repository directly on website (xxx is our company name),
but I can’t clone it from github, I copy the URL to clone but it shows “Authentication failed”.


Hi @frank-flex ! Welcome to GitHub Community!
As a first step to get you going here, could you detail how you are cloning the repository?
Are you using git via the command line or some other method?
This error often is returned because of improper credentials stored on your machine.

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Hi @ernest-phillips,

Thanks for your reply.

Step by step:

  1. Open the Github Desktop
  2. Click “File”
  3. Click “Clone a respository”
  4. Choose the tap “URL”
  5. Copy and paste the URL from the website “”.
  6. Click Clone
  7. This error “Authentication failed” shows and tells me enter my userID and password to access, but it dosen’t work even if I enter my ID and password.

I’ve tried edit the URL into “”, this will work and start to clone.

@frank-flex you should be able to get Gittea working by creating an access token for your Gittea account (Settings > Applications > Generate New Token). When GitHub Desktop prompts with the “Authentication failed” error enter your username and the token you generated. These credentials will then be cached for future use with any Gittea repositories you work with. Let me know if you run into any issues.