GitHub returns 503

Lately I started to receive a lot of 503 error happening at random.

Error: GET returned 503

We have this problem too.

Tool Manager: Installing
Error: Got the unrecognized status code '503' when downloaded
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

My guess is that if you logged the rest of the response you’d see that you hit an egress limit.

I can’t find any particular documentation about this limit. There are plenty of references to it as a thing and there are plenty of places where GitHub says that it reserves the right to enforce additional usage limits.

Since electron isn’t you, you could file an issue in their tracker – I don’t see one currently:

But, frankly, the fact that you are seeing this “a lot” tells me you’re doing something wrong.

You shouldn’t be downloading the same resource repeatedly. Save it somewhere! The act of downloading a resource is not free, it costs someone something.

I wrongly first posted here, before submitting a ticket to GitHub. They have resolved the issue and my pipelines are running without hiccups.

503 is a server error, so the issue was in GitHub’s code.

Note to someone having similar problems: File a support ticket from

The error is not repo related - it is GitHub related. 503 means Service Unavailable.

Read more here: 503 Service Unavailable - HTTP | MDN