Github REST API to cerate repository projects

I’ve been reading Projects - GitHub Docs

And I am currently having doubts about the owner parameter.

To be clear, I have my account and with it i created an organization, this organization has a repo. I want to use the API to create a project board within the repo inside the organization. But it fails all the time.

Hey @rogarciaa :wave:

Are you doing this manually via curl, or are you using a GitHub App or OAuth App to perform the call?

If you’re manually running curl it would be great to get the return from a curl -v with the error message along with the full curl (minus private information) to help move forward.

If it’s within an app, do you happen to have error handling around the method performing this action?

Either way, it would be great to know the message you get on failure.


Sorry for the delay, I am executing this trough bash script on my workflow. Currently utilizing personal api token.