Github repository search api returns a wrong created time

My search url is :

The first returned repository is knime-base, and the result shows it was created at 2019-01-07T08:55:51Z.

Then I cloned the repository (, looked the commit logs and found that the first commit date of master branch was 2005/4/29, nearly 15 years ago.

Is there something wrong with the created time of this repository? thanks.

Yup that’s show how the git work. For a quick reference please see my GitHub Profile
Did you notice anything weird. My first commit is in 2001. But GitHub is launched in 2010 right. How this is possible.

so the answer is git log shows commit history and the commit history time is the time in which the commit is created. (not github repo). The GitHub repo creation date and time has no any effect on the commit you created in repo. it will store the time when you clicked “New Repository” button on github.

I use a term called past editing for this issue. (It is not available on google) refer to my post
This post can tell you to create a past edited file or commit so you can also do that. still don’t got it. reply

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Thanks a lot ! You solved my problem. :slightly_smiling_face: