GitHub repository/Rmarkdown

Hi guys I recently joined GitHub to showcase my repositories using the programming language R.

I was able to link my RStudio account to my GitHub account and linked in my Rmarkdown file.

My question is, how come I can’t see the code chunks being run in GitHub like I can in Rstudio, a big part of the Rmarkdown file that I really like shows the GGPLOT I was able to make, I would really like to show it off. But in GitHub I can only see the code.

Is there a way to fix this so that a visual of the graph is shown and not just the code?

Also I would like to share it with others, but since it is my first time I do not know what the limitations are/ if any and also is it safe? When sharing the link to your repository what can someone see on their end?


Running R code is not something the GitHub website does. It renders regular Markdown and a few other things, but that’s it.

I’m not familiar with Rmarkdown. Do you have a way to render it to HTML and pictures? If yes, you could create those documents using Actions and push the resulting website to GitHub Pages.

They can see whatever you put into the repository, I guess in your case that’s mostly R code. They won’t get access to your computer or anything like that if that’s what you’re worried about, unless you put credentials into your repository. In case of doubt you can just clone the repository to a new location on your machine to see what exactly you get. :slightly_smiling_face: