GitHub repository README syntax highlighting bug

Python code that contains Chinese characters in a project README is not properly highlighted.

Repository: nk2028/qieyun-encoder

Expected behavior:

  1. The function name which contains Chinese characters, “to編碼”, should be regarded as a whole.
  2. The whole function name should be in purple color.

Current behavior:

  1. Only the non-Chinese part, “to”, is considered a function name. When you click on it, it shows another function (“to描述”), not this one (“to編碼”).
  2. “to” is in purple color, but “編碼” is not.

Hi @sgalal and welcome to the Community forum. Thanks for making your first post!

Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. I will inquire within about this functionality. While I cannot say when this will be fixed, I can assure you that the right team will be notified.