Github repository in google search

I have created repository more than 2 years ago and still it does not show in google search. To my understanding, public repositories are automatically give for google indexing by github. Why is it not done in case my repository GitHub - aakhare-anand/gills: parser generator?

even if I type your exact link at Google Search, it is not showing, except the one you shared at Stack Overflow

but others just like me, it’s indexed,

any other reason your account is not indexed, do you have an active email associated with your account? and you have very few commits

again, I’m just assuming why your account is not indexed while mostly are indexed,

I have active email account associated with my github account. My email id is not google/gmail id but bought it through email service with specific domain. Still it’s active. I tried same searches and same result.

now here is the interesting part, you are indexed in Microsoft Bing search engine !

even your parser generator project !

even if you use Google Chrome, go to Bing first by typing then have your search and it will be returned, just like this

Yes it is indexed in bing search. But, most people do google search and to my understanding github gives repo webpages to google search for indexing. So, it should appear in google search as well.

yup that’s is still the issue,

now, if ever you cannot solve the problem, just deploy your site as a GitHub Page, then sign in at Google Analytics so that you can manually index your site, through the page, there will be a link to your GitHub project at GitHub, I think that is the best workaround, just like what happened at Stack Overflow that it is appearing through Google Search

I did that in the past and it is working,

I think these methods require verification of site and it asks to put html tag in head or verification file. I tried but facing hurdles. I will still prefer non-intrusive way to get it included by default by github admins.