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I’m new to GitHub so please bear with me. I have a GitHub repository setup with a webhook that triggers Jinkins for SQL code deployment using the Octopus SQL – Execute Scripts Ordered process template. i have a total of 5 scripts I’m deploying, 1 create table script and 5 seperate inserts. When I add my SQL code to GitHub Jinkins deploys without issue.   The issue that I’m having is after the deployment I want to delete the code that was release from my GitHub repository. When I delete one of the SQL insert scripts an dclick teh commit button my GitHub webhook triggers Jinkins to redeploy, which I do not want it to do. I want GitHub to trigger Jinkins only when I add code to my GitHub repository. My GitHub webhook setting is set to “Pushes - Git push to a repository” which is default. 

I’ve been playing with the settings but I cannot figure out how to get my code to stop re-deploying when I delete 1 SQL insert script and commit. I feel there has to be a setting combination in the webhook properties for this but cannot for the life of me figure out which setting. If someone can provide direction it would be greatly appreciated!    THANKS!

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