.GitHub repository documentation

There is a special repository called .github. What is it’s use? Can someone please provide the documentation link for this? Can we use it for setting Branch Protection Rules at organization level? Can we define Organization level Actions / Workflows in this? Please provide some details on this.

Do you mean repository or folder at the top level in a repository?
In the former case, can you provide a URL? I’ve never seen a repo with such a name.

In the latter case, it’s a place to store GitHub.com-specific files to control different functionality such as issue templates and GitHub Actions workflows:

There’s also <reponame>.github.io for GitHub Pages…

I am very new to GitHub. We have an organization in GitHub. This has private, internal and one public repository. I think the “.github” repository was created by default during the creation of the organization itself and I think this is tagged as a public repository. URL is of the format


Creating a default community health file is actually about a .github repository in your organization (my mistake). It allows you to have a default set of community health files for your organization:

GitHub will use and display default files for any public repository owned by the account that does not have its own file of that type

You can also share workflows with your organization with such a repo.

I don’t think that it is created automatically however. Someone must have set it up.

Do you mean to say it’s a custom repo and not a default repo? So, for example, if I want to create an Org level GitHub Action, can I create it in .github repo?

The documentation has detailed steps about how to create the .github repo, which suggests that this has to be done manually. But I cannot say for sure without creating an org account myself.

You can share workflow templates via the .github repo according to the docs. Adding regular workflows to the repo will probably be limited to the repo itself and not be all that useful.