Github Repository Count Mismatch!


In github repository page, total repository count was showing all previously but the count showing now is the public repos only.

Previously Total Count = Public + Private Repo
Current Total Count = Only Public Repo

Private repos are not being counted in all repo list! What can be the issue of this?

Note: I am checking the page as logged in user. I am aware that logged out user can only see the public repo count.



I have the same issue. I haven’t found an answer to this as of yet. The repository count used to include my private repos but now it is only showing public. Like you, I am also logged in.

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I have a similar issue, before yesterday all my repositories except two public were private, I’ve made all my repositories public and the total count wasn’t changed, it’s still 2. Besides that, after I pushed some changes into my new public repository - the contribution didn’t change too.