.github repo & workflow templates - Only public?

I’ve tried to use the feature to create reusable workflows across our organization using the workflow-templates feature.

It seems like the .github repository that contains the workflow-templates folder must be PUBLIC to make this work. Is there any work ongoing to make it possible to have the visibility of the .github repo to be INTERNAL instead of public?
We do want to build these workflows collaboratively inside the organization.

We can’t expose our workflow templates to the world, so a change is needed to make this work for us.
Is there anything in the works for this?

Were using Github Enterprise Cloud.

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Seems to be something on the roadmap but the ETA is undefined…

Hi @mgudmund,

Yes, currently the .github template repository needs to be public, otherwise cannot create workflows based on it.

As you pointed out, it would support private template repository in the feature, sorry there is no timeline to share yet.



not sure how my previous response got flagged as a “solution”. My comment was:

+1, this is a blocker for us. We can’t expose our workflow templates to the whole world.


This seems like a glaring oversight. We don’t want to to publish our workflow templates.

after making the .github repo public, it seems I can only use the workflow-templates in other public repositories? (if I choose a private repo>actions>new workflow… it doesn’t show up)