Github Repo showing 404 After Username change

Hello, I created a repo and posted it on Reddit for showcasing the project. And people started commenting that the repo is not accessible. For them, it was showing 404 error. At the same time, it was working for me. For me, it worked in Incognito mode as well as while using VPN.
The repo is public.

Recently I had changed my username, did this caused the issue? If yes, how to fix it?
Can someone please confirm the same?

repo link: GitHub - shreyas-jk/Baby-Action-Detection-Safety-System-Prototype: Prototype for Baby Action Detection and Classification

Now, it should work. A username change takes some time to reflect it’s full change on the site :slight_smile:

I changed the username around 2 days ago actually. Also users opening the repo on mobile are facing the issue. For desktop, it is working fine. Strange!

I’m currently on a mobile device and it’s loading smoothly for me.
PS: I’m using chrome