Github.ref is not set when using workflow_dispatch

The workflow_dispatch feature was released a few days ago.
To call the API endpoint, you have to provide a got ref ; however in the triggered workflow, the github.ref context is not set.
My current workaround is to pass my ref into the workflow input, but it sounds like a hack to me.
Has somebody experienced this issue?

Thank you for pointing this out. I could reproduce your issue in my side. When create workflow_dispatch event through this api, github.ref is empty. I have reported it to GitHub engineering team, let’s wait for their response.

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Thank you @yanjingzhu. Do you have any link where I can follow this progress of this issue?

@mathieu-bour Sorry about that I reported in GitHub internal channel. The link is not public. I will keep you posted when there are any updates in that internal ticket.

@mathieu-bour Good news! This issue has been fixed.
Please try again in your side and kindly let me know your result.