Github push actions suddenly not triggering


I’ve noticed this morning that none of my push events are triggering the actions workflow that has been working perfectly fine until now. 

Is anyone else noticing this, and is there an issue with actions ongoing that we should be aware of?


Noticed the same behavior…

Same here; was in the middle of testing a new workflow and now nothing happens when I commit. Looks like we’ll have to wait until somebody fixes this.

Some insight into what is or is not happening would be nice.

I’m seeing significant delays, but the workflows run eventually

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Quick update. I’ve noticed a couple of my push actions being triggered, but only after about 15/20 mins.

Obviously an issue going on, and would benefit from an official Github answer on any known issue/activity that would cause this (especially as we’re getting closer to go-live date with no current visible health status on actions).

For anyone else experiencing this, keep an eye out and see if you see a similar delay for the actions to be triggered,

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I also met the following problem with the default GitHub checkout actions after the delayed triggering.

##[error]fatal: reference is not a tree: d6f20672a6adedd03f27f359040dcb4321e2fdb4
Removed matchers: 'checkout-git'
##[remove-matcher owner=checkout-git]
##[error]Git checkout failed with exit code: 128
##[error]Exit code 1 returned from process: file name '/home/runner/runners/2.160.0/bin/Runner.PluginHost', arguments 'action "GitHub.Runner.Plugins.Repository.v1_0.CheckoutTask, Runner.Plugins"'.
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Looks like this could be being caused by a noted degradation in the notifications capability noted in

Its also affecting any external solution expected to see event webhook notifications for triggering builds etc.


My initial guess would be that because of the delayed notification, the sha ref of the specific commit / push that triggered your original activity is no longer available (ie due to additional changes in the repo between the original activity and the time when the action actually triggered etc).

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Same issue here. Actions get eventually triggered but it takes a while (tens of minutes)

I’ve noticed that GitHub pages doesn’t seem to be building for me. Might be related.

Workflows start after 20 minutes delay, but the worst part is that there is no sign of valid configuration on commit if other checks are present. If there are no other checks for PR, then there is a message “Waiting for checks information…” on Checks tab :frowning:

Same here.

Interestingly, seems to run instantly when creating a new branch or merging a pull-request…

Same here.
This morning, I had this weird thing where some commits took a while to trigger the workflow and others went through instantly. Now, I am still waiting for a commit that I pushed 30 min ago.

Do something pleeeeaaaase :smiley:

There was an incident( yesterday which may delay the request, the incidents has been fixed now. Could you check if the trigger works now and let us know if it still does not work?

I merged a pull request over an hour ago and the workflow still has not run yet.

Is it a public repo? Is it possible to share the link to the repo or the configuration of the yml file so that we can check it?

Still a problem everyone.

We run a self-hosted VM which has the runner on it. We shut it down at night and start it in the morning.
Every day, if you make a new PR, our workflow triggers immediately as you would expect.

Often, PRs that have not been committed to in a few days will simply fail to trigger when new changes are committed to the branch which has the PR. We have waited hours.

When your PR/branch gets into this state there is no way to make it trigger again without making a new branch and a new PR!

Very frustrating.

Another crazy thing is there’s no way to tell the action for the branch to run again with the latest code for your branch. If you re-run the job again, it always runs against the git hash it ran at the last time rather than getting the latest code in the PR!

Hey Github, there’s some engineers at Atlassian who can help you sort this out though. Call them.


The experience in my last post is accurate. Fortunately after getting owned for hours, there seem to be an explanation.

If master changes and your PR/branch can no longer be merged, Actions just doesn’t run your build anymore, silently.

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Had the same issue, unbelievable!!!

Same here :confused: