Github Pull Request is waiting for required status checks even with CI Skip in commit message

I have a PR on my repository:

Said PR currently only has *1* commit which contains a [ci skip] in it. This means that CI tests using Appveyor and Travis CI are both skipped, and only Codacy still runs a check. However, it seems that even with this enabled, I still get a waiting status with the required status checks for my protected branch, master. This is what I currently see:

This doesn’t make sense to me. When I check the website for Travis CI and Appveyor, there are no builds detected. As such, it seems that the status check is waiting for a status check that doesn’t exist. How do I just *ignore* these checks? Or how can I tell Github that these checks have been skipped?


If those statuses are required statuses, there’s not a way to skip them. You could, however, manually send those statuses using the GitHub Status API to manually set the status. If you are an administrator of the repository, you can also set protected branches to be able to be overridden by administrators.

Well, that’s unfortunate. So I’m going to avoid using 

[ci skip]

on the first commit of a PR. For now, I will just push another commit (probably a merge from master) that will get the required status to work… 

If I may ask, how did you create these checks? Was it throgh webhooks?