Github projects, issues and pull requests

I am trying out github projects for the first time. I have a project with “Automated kanban with reviews” setup. I am creating issues in the “To Do” lane, and when I want to start working on an issue I move it to the “In Progress” lane. When creating a pull request for that issue is there a way to automatically link the pull request to that issue without creating another issue in the board?

From what I understand the only way to manage this is to add something like “resolves #5” in the decription to automatically close the pre-existing issue in the board when the pull request is closed. This workflow seems very strange since, I have to managed multiple issues. 

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is the way it is intended workflow.


Hi @kitzin,

If I am understanding correctly, I think you would need to reference the issue without using the resolve, close, fix keywords. Use the #5 or whatever the issue number. 

Let me know if this accomplishes what you want to achieve.


Hi @kitzin, Did you find any solution for this issue?

@angela-crist - the problem is we have 2 tickets for each feature/bug (one for the issue and the second for the PR)


I would also like to know if either of you @kitzin / @tkeidar found a solution to avoid duplicate cards (one for the issue, one for the PR) on the project, please


Same here. In the PR’s and issues are linked together when you add something like “Fixes #5” in the PR description. It really helps to keep things organized.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.42.07.png


I’m also looking for a solution. It’s extremely annoying having two cards for each resolved to do. Linking the PR to it’s respective issue sounds like a great solution, but I don’t see how that can be fixed by the community. I’ll keep researching and update this thread if I find something useful!


Since is shutting down, maybe we could get them to open-source their code?
Anyobody knows somebody who knows somebody???

Anyone find a solution for this? Connecting an issue or card to a pull request is such a basic requirement for source control that I’m considering moving back to Azure DevOps.

This is just a personal preference, but I’ve removed pull requests from the project’s automation. PRs can reference and automatically close/move issues. Issues are then the only type of card on the board.

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This is exactly what I’m looking for, hopefully Github will implement it.

This does not accomplish what OP tries to achieve.

He’d like to automatically move an issue from the “to-do” to the “in progress” column in his project when the issue is referenced in a PR. Linking the PR to that issue.

I think luisherranz gave a really good example in his comment.

Another example (from ZenHub):


To summarize:

  • Link a PR to an issue by referencing it, making this visible on the project board.
  • Move the issue from “to-do” to “in progress” on the project board automatically when a PR is linked.

how do PRs reference an issue? i’m not seeing that on the PR page.

Also interested  by this.

@kwhinnery can you give more information on how you managed to do this ?

I’m not sure to understand how to do it when you say “PRs can reference and automatically close/move issues” but that’s exactly what I’d like to achieve.

I get how the PR can close the issue automatically, but how did you get it to move the issue between Kanban columns?

I also came here looking for this. If a PR opens that fixes an issue, I expected that issue to be considered in progress.

But alternatively, I understand from an OSS perspective that someone opening a PR for an issue might not mean that issue is considered in progress by the maintainers.