GitHub Project w/ multiple repos

I have a public GitHub Project:

My GitHub Project contains PR’s in my repo which is a fork of the main Napari repo.

The 10 PRs in my GitHub project are in my fork. However, I’d also like to track PR’s I’ve created in the Napari project itself. The PRs in my repo are kind of in staging, but the real PRs are super important as well. Both combined reflect what I’m working on.

How can I track both in one GitHub Project? Or what is the best workaround for keeping track of my work? Ideally I’d like to point people to one project that shows my work on Napari, whether it’s in my fork or the main repo. I figured out I can sort of add them using cards, maybe that is the best you can do.

As an aside the fact that the link to my project as rendered above does not contain my name, my repo name, or my project name is also concerning. It literally renders my own project as an ad for GitHub itself! Perhaps that’s just the forum software?

Hi @pwinston !

Thanks for bringing this question to the forum!
While you can add multiple repositories to your project board (up to 25), they must be owned by the user or organization that created the project board.
In this case, you would need to be the owner of the repo you forked.

More info here in our docs on Linking a repository to a project board

For your second question. I can understand your concerns here. This link is rendered as a Onebox preview, and is controlled by Discourse. They pull metadata from the linked site based on the Open Graph and oEmbed protocols.

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