Github project api action requires authentication

I installed Github CLI on Linux and signed up for a personal access token.
After I authenticated and I cloned a repository, I was able to access all the repository data, milestones, issues etc.

However, when I tried to access project card info etc linked to the repo I received the following response. I used the recommended Accept value and by using “gh auth status” I could see that I was still authenticated

sudo curl -H “Accept: application/vnd.github.inertia-preview+json”
“message”: “Requires authentication”,
“documentation_url”: “
Any help would be much welcomed. This is new territory for me.

What scopes does your personal access token have?

If it’s a public repo, then public_repo seems to be the only required scope. For private repos it should be repo. But you may also try admin:org, read:org and write:org.

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It looks like you are not authenticating at all. You need something like the following in the curl call:

-H "Authorization: token <personal-access-token>"
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