Github profile is not ranked on google search

I have been using github since 2018.
But when I search on google rahul dahal github, I don’t see my account.

My friends who are new to github have their profile ranked. But not mine. Why is that ?

Am I doing something wrong ?

Here is my github profile link

I just googled that search term, and your profile was the number one result

It might be worth trying to google that search term using a private/incognito session; remember that Google serves you personalized search results, so they might be filtering out your GitHub profile from the first page (due to your personalized PageRank score for your GitHub profile page).

I also thought that was my profile.
But no, It’s of rahul dalal, mine should be rahul dahal with the “h” in “dahal”.

Thanks for that “incognito mode” tip though.

Oh, I completely missed that difference, and I also didn’t click the result (which would have made me realize my mistake). Yeah, your profile is not being indexed by any major search engine as far as I can tell. Unless you recently updated the name on your profile or some such, then I cannot be 100% sure what’s going on. Although, from looking at your user activity, it seems like you made your first public repository in May this year (2020), and your overall activity is minimal. My guess is that Google (and other search engines) haven’t started indexing your profile yet because there are very few inbound links. GitHub isn’t actively telling Google, etc. to index your profile, and they are also not preventing it.

Keep contributing, and be patient — my guess is that your profile will be indexed within a few months.

However, if a few months go by and the situation hasn’t improved, I suggest you submit a support ticket to double check there isn’t anything “weird” going on.

Yes, I actually did change my username.
Thanks, @thomasjo. I will keep on contributing and be patient.

Thanks again.

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