Github Pro vs Team and unlimited collaborators


My team want to switch from BitBucket to GitHub for various reasons, but we’re hitting a wall with the team plan. Basically, we have a few private repos where we have 50+ collaborators. Now with the team plan these 50 or more collaborators will each require a seat whereas on the individual pro plan there is no such restriction?

Can someone explain why there is no restriction on the pro plan but there is on the team plan?
Do you plan to remove this restriction in the future?
I’m aware that teams who were on the old pricing model can remain on this with no pressure to switch. Is it not possible for teams to also sign up to the old pricing module as we don’t need a lot of private repos?

Thanks for reaching out.

The Pro plan is designed for individuals to use to represent their own work and invite others to collaborate with them. The Team plan is designed for groups or organizations that need features like creating teams to better organize and administrate access rights.

With regard to your other questions: we have no plans at this time to change the Team plan and unfortunately, no, it isn’t possible for teams to enroll in the old pricing structure.

If you have more questions about the pricing structure, please contact support at

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