GitHub pro vs GitHub teams

Are they the same? GitHub pro seems pretty much unsubscribeable aside from via the iOS app

Anyone know if teams and pro are exactly the same?

Hi @Scaledi,

The main difference between GitHub Pro and GitHub Team is the account type: GitHub Team is for organizational accounts, while GitHub Pro is for individual accounts.

If you have a few collaborators, you can stick with GitHub Pro and invite your colleagues to your private repositories. However, if you’ll be collaborating with more people, or you’re interested in some of the features that GitHub Team provides such as finer-grained permissions, then creating an organizational account and upgrading your organization to Team might be your best choice.

Both can be downgraded at any time, though the interface within the iOS app may look different. You can downgrade directly on GitHub at any time by going to your account’s billing settings, as outlined in this guide.

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thank you for the response. I am interested in pro for myself - how would I subscribe to that? I dont see it mentioned on the pricing page, only free, teams and enterprise

Hi @Scaledi,

Taking a look at your original screenshot, have you tried to click that “$3.99 per month” at the bottom, to see if it takes you to the upgrade page?

Keep in mind, the iOS payment system is managed by Apple and not GitHub, so if you continue to experience issues we encourage you to check with them as well.