Github prerelease package retention

I am wondering about package retention. Generally maven has the concept of snapshots, and nuget has the concept of prerelease packages. If I decide to have a CI like github actions that builds the project on push/merge of pull request, makes a nuget prerelease package and uploads it to github packages, are these prerelease packages ever deleted? the set of available packages can grow extremely large because each push would create one, and some similar solutions have a way to automatically clean up old prereleases.

At the moment there is no retention policy for package versions. It would be nice if there was a way to schedule cleanup of prerelease versions that haven’t been downloaded for a certain number of days.

Feel free to comment on this issue with any suggestions!

To be honest, isn’t it the case that deleting packages from public repositories is not available at all, currently?

Yes, this is indeed a problem.